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Defined as those rosarians who bred a rose from a seed that resulted from cross pollination and selection, and had the name of the rose registered with International Cultural Registration Authority – Rosa.


Australian Bred and Raised (Sported) Roses as recorded by the Australian Registrars,

and with the recognition of the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Roses)


Updated: 11 November 2018


First produced in 1928 the Annual is a fantastic source of information about roses and the history of rose in Australia. At the bottom of this page is a reference tool to help you find articles in past editions.


Heritage Roses in Australia aims to advance the preservation, cultivation, distribution, and study of old garden roses, including roses no longer in general cultivation, roses of historical importance, species roses and their hybrids.

The World Federation of Rose Societies is a federation of the national rose societies of 39 countries, representing rose lovers around the world. Our goal is to expand contact among them and increase the flow of knowledge about the rose.

The National Rose Trial Garden of Australia was established to trial roses that are not yet commercially released in Australia from Australian and overseas breeders. A key aim is to identify and promote roses best suited to Australian growing conditions.


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This reference information of Authors, Articles and All Roses listed in the Australian Rose Annual since 1920 has been compiled by Patricia Routley



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